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The legendary Colorado based Rock band "Fragile X" has been compared to great bands like Rush, ELO, Pink Floyd and Yes.The band has it's own signature sound and progressive style.... With flashy, intricate drum work; searing original guitar , power vocals and layered harmonies, solid signature bass riffs, and deap meaningful lyrics with a message. Fragile X tells stories! Alot of effort goes into the song-writing!


    Fragile X has just released their 3rd full length CD " Yesterdays Tomorrow"!  A masterful , professionally recorded  collection of songs, writen and self produced by Fragile X! The album quality and attention to detail will get recognition! To our  fans ...BE prepared to be blown away!


    Order the first two CDs today @ and "Yesterdays Tomorrow" is now available for digital download!

“Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! When 'Fragile X' released their debut album: "Drop In Time" back in 1996 - during the heyday of ELO Part II's US tour [whom FX supported] - little did they [or we] realize that there would be a long sixteen [16] years wait for their second album here in 2012 entitled: "Return To Paradise". "Return To Paradise" is a twelve [12] track release where the band not only looks boldly forward with nine [9] new tracks but also an album that lovingly reinterprets three [3] songs from the original: "Drop In Time" set. Whether it be the epic yet anthemic: "Poison Arrow", the new single: "Going Back Home" or those newly revived triplets: "No Longer", "Have A Nice Day" and "Pinnacle" - this release oozes those oft used lyrical traits of hope, peace, regret and love yet it also absolutely rocks. I do not think that there is any 'weak link' on this release musically and fans of ELO, Rush [and all classy progressive rock music”

—  KJS, ELO/Beatles Forever

—  Fragile X, CD Baby


“If this band doesn't go all the way, it will only be that the music BUSINESS forgot it was an INDUSTRY created solely to produce the best music for the paying public. Pinnacle is my favorite. But I found it hard to pick a second as all the rest are equally good. A MUST BUY for any collector of great music - Fan”

—  fan,


“FEEDBACK...8/7/97-DENVER WESTWORD MAGAZINE - Category: Music-Edition: Print-Published: 8/7/97-Feedback-Byline: By Michael Roberts "Drop In Time", By Fragile X, is something of a FLASHBACK; "No Longer" reminds me of the Moody Blues; "Visions" called to mind Cinderella-like Pop-Metal and "Still" was a power ballad that would do Journey proud--and those were just the first three songs. ”

—  Michael Roberts, Westword


“Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! Greetings to multi-talented musician and my good friend Sean Mack Page [SMP] for this exclusive ELOBF interview: KJS”

—  Keith Sinclair, ELO/Beatles Forever


“Being in the music industry for close to 17 years I have become hard on other bands music even from a managers point of view. But being related to a member of this band I hold a high expectancy of the band. Hearing the it for the first time it has totally blown me away. My 3 year old son really enjoys it so if a band can reach all ages then I know this band has a great future in this hard choice of industries. I can say that it is not right to compare any group to another for every group is different. I know because I grew up in the Seattle Music Scene learning from Queensryche, Metal Church, Hammer Head, and many more this group has a sound of their own which is not usually found in the music industry today.”

—  Customer on, Review of Fragile X 's "Drop in Time"


“BRIT ROCK A blog for Brit Rock presented by Dominic Forbes. Saturday, 16 April 2011 Brit Rock 16th April 2011 Well, the excitement is certainly mounting here due to the forthcoming royal wedding. I intend to spend 29th April in alternative exciting pursuits, including watching grass grow and paint dry. 1) Status Quo - Paper plane 2) Wings - Jet 3) Saxon - 747 (strangers in the night) 4) Iron Maiden - Aces high 5) Aerosmith - living on the edge 6) Skid Row - 18 and life 7) Europe - Superstitious 8) Slash feat. Fergie - Beautiful dangerous 9) Fragile X - Turn to stone 10) ELO - Roll over Beethoven 11) Trust - Anti social 12) Black Sabbath - Neon knights 13) Motorhead - Ace of spades 14) Pete Townshend - Let my love open the door 15) ACDC - Back in black 16) Judas priest - Living after midnight 17) Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy train 18) Scorpions - The zoo 19) Rush - Spirit of radio ”

—  Dominic Forbes, Brit Rock


“Sean's bands on Brit Rock! (This is just on Sunday!) Ace FM Sundays 10pm - 1am Atlantis FM -Tenerife Sundays 7pm - 9pm Carillon Radio Sundays 12midnight - 2am Coast FM - Spain Sundays 6 - 9pm Colts Digital Sundays 6pm - 9pm The Crow Mondays 3-7pm Central Time USA Fresh Hits Radio Sundays 12pm - 2pm Galaxy FM Gold (Tenerife) Sundays 8pm - 11pm Happy Hits Radio Sunday 2pm - 4pm ET Hotmix 108 Sundays 10pm-12midnight Hug Radio - Radio Bracknell Sundays 1pm - 3pm KCOR Sundays 10am - Midday Kix FM Sundays 10am - Midday NAB Radio Sundays 2pm - 4pm Network North Devon Sundays 11pm - 2am ”

—  Brit Rock

—  KJS, ELO/Beatles Forever!!!!!




Visit Fragile X and Sean Page Drummer at ReverbNation!


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